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Premium fruits from around the world to your doorstep.



E-Fresh Food - based in Vancouver - bringing top premium fresh fruits from around the world to Vancouver.


E-Fresh Food’s value is to ensure consumers' 100% satisfaction with its fruits and to deliver the ultimate customer service.


E-Fresh Food strongly believes in building long-term partnerships with suppliers and fruit growers internationally.


The Pitahaya aka Golden Dragon Fruit - A new favourite brought to Vancouver.

Prior to 2016, the Golden Dragon Fruit was scarce and unknown amongst the Vancouver population. However, the founder of E-Fresh strongly believed that this tasty fruit must be shared with friends and family.

Little did he know, the Golden Dragon Fruit brought golden opportunities to Vancouver. In mere 6 months, sales of the Pitahaya increased nearly ten times - from 500kg to 5000kg of the Pitahaya imported per week. With all the hard work completed by E-Fresh’s marketing team, Golden Dragon Fruit is very popular in the Greater Vancouver area.

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Our mission statement is to only service the best for your needs. Tell us about who you are so we can move on to the next step in collaboration of new business.


Do you grow or supply premium fresh fruits? E-Fresh can help introduce your fruits to the thriving Vancouver population. We value all exotic and premium fruits, along with beautiful packaging to produce a tasteful and luxurious experience to our consumers.


Looking for exotic and premium fresh fruits for your organization? E-Fresh will provide the highest quality fruits through our diversified network of growers and suppliers from around the world.


E-Fresh is committed to providing only the best fruits for our consumers. For thoughtfully presented and refreshingly tasty gifts, you can be assured that we pick out the best quality fruits that are beautifully packaged and hand-delivered to your doorstep.

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